Swastikas reported as vandalism, not hate crimes

Swastikas reported as vandalism, not hate crimes

Hate crime

By Jack Saltzberg | The Israel Group

Several cars and a home were spray-painted with swastikas in Wrightwood, California, yet the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD) is calling it vandalism rather than a hate crime.

This is very interesting considering that the sheriff’s department has implored that the media and community help with the investigation, distributing a phone number and the name of the lead detective. The Sacramento Bee went as far as calling it “graffiti.”

Since when does a major law enforcement agency ask for the media and communities’ help to investigate one incident of vandalism or “graffiti?”

I spoke with a representative of the SBCSD. She said that “it seemed like vandalism because it was on several properties, not just on one property.” Wasn’t Kristallnacht on several properties?

The Israel Group has not heard back from the lead investigator. We will keep you updated.