2017 Non Gala


Barbra Streisand

will not attend

Jerry Seinfeld

will not be hosting (again)

and a Special Guest

who is not in trouble for sexual harassment will not attend
December 31, 2018

The Israel Group spends ZERO dollars on fundraising. By not attending, there are no expenses for hotels, entertainment, etc., and your donation will directly support our important initiatives to cripple BDS.

The Israel Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

The Israel Group’s respected eNEWS culls the Internet and selects only one article, usually dealing with the political warfare campaigns waged against Israel. Our faithful readership includes a few Pulitzer-prize winners, the heads of many pro-Israel news agencies, NGOs, and advocacy organizations, as well as government of Israel officials and several influential philanthropists. Our goal is to reach 250,000 people, especially to our non-Jewish supporters of Israel. (We will speak with all interested supporters)
Conventional wars are won and lost by covert operations, intelligence gathering, and strategic strikes. The battles against the political warfare campaigns waged against Israel are no different. The Israel Group is deeply involved in highly confidential initiatives that will alter the course of this war against BDS. (We will speak with all interested supporters).