Legal Task Force

The Israel Group’s Legal Task Force is seeking lawyers interested in helping to identify and launch legal offensives to protect Jewish and pro-Israel students. As one TIG supporter wrote:

“I support The Israel Group and read all of your eNEWS, as I support Israel in every way possible. However, you are really wasting your time with letter campaigns to university presidents. The recipients do not care what are your arguments or raison d’etre. They will not listen to your requests or concerns, and quite frankly, they do not care. The only answer is the legal path, bring them before the courts, outside of their campuses, ideally to federal courts. Win those cases, and your demands will be met. If you do not go to court but continue with such letters, you are wasting your time, money, efforts and credibility. Sue them, once and for all, stop playing games with such letters, they accomplish nothing!”
University professor emeritus
sfsu 2

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