#3 Nableezy

#3 Nableezy

#3 Anti-Israel Editor: Nableezy

It has been stated in Wikipedia that if Nishidani is the brains, Nableezy is the brawn. Nableezy is to Wikipedia what Hamas terrorists are to the peace process. Among a pack of wolves that doubles as anti-Israel editors, Nableezy is the most vile, dedicated, and ruthless of all. He is more responsible for the antagonism and volatility in the Arab-Israeli topic area in Wikipedia than any other anti-Israel editor.

Nableezy is almost singularly responsible for getting nearly 60 Jewish and pro-Israel editors blocked or banned from editing Wikipedia, usually through subversive methods and working in collusion with Wikipedia’s administrators.

Nableezy’s identity

There’s speculation that Nableezy is part Egyptian and lives or lived in the Chicago area. He speaks Arabic.

Best of Nableezy’s edits

The “Gaza Massacre” 

Through a circular type of editing called citogenesis, Nableezy helped create the term “Gaza Massacre” to describe the 2008 Israeli-Gaza War. Nableezy (and others) simply took obscure references from unreliable sources, then pushed “his” term until some reputable news sources picked up that term from Wikipedia and reported it. Then Nableezy eventually used those reports as “reliable sources.” The term “Gaza Massacre” is in the first sentence in the Wikipedia article and has become an internationally accepted name for that war.  [Nableezy’s “Gaza Massacre” is not listed in “Wikipedia’s list of citogenesis incidents.”]

Nableezy placed the following as a reference in the Wikipedia article “2014 Israel–Gaza conflict”

Richard Silverstein, In First Gaza Ground Battle, Israeli Commandos RepelledTikun Olam, 13 July 2014:

‘The army claimed the mosque was used by Hamas to store weapons. What’s historically interesting about this claim is that the Irgun and Palmach both stored their weapons in synagogues, believing the British would neither suspect nor search for weapons in a house of worship. They too took advantage of their religion to further their military goals. But imagine if, in 1947, the British had bombed one of those synagogues? What a geshrei the Israelis would’ve let loose.’

Best of Nableezy’s discussions

[More coming soon in the full Wiki-Israel campaign launch in January 2020]

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